Members of the team


The Alfred hospital is home to one of the busiest urological surgical services in Victoria. The MPI benefits from the expertise of six urologists – Mr Uri Hanegbi, A/Professor Peter Royce, Mr Dennis King, Mr Chee Wee Cham, Mr Chris Chang and Mr Alwin Tan – who specialise in the surgical management of prostate problems. These surgeons perform brachytherapy implants for men with prostate cancer and also have substantial experience performing radical prostatectomies. They are familiar with the major treatment options for men with prostate cancer and have the expertise to treat post-implant problems should they occur.

Radiation Oncologists

The William Buckland Radiotherapy Centre (WBRC) at The Alfred is one of Australia’s premier radiotherapy centres with access to the most advanced state-of-the-art radiation equipment. WBRC staff use the latest clinical techniques and practice under a patient-centred care philosophy.
Image of Bronwyn Matheson
The radiation oncologists on the MPI team are Dr Bronwyn Matheson and A/Professor Jeremy Millar. They have a specialist understanding of the effects of radiation on normal tissues and urological malignancies, and bring an academic and research interest in prostate cancer to the brachytherapy team.

Radiation Therapists

The radiation therapists are regarded as the most “hands on” members of the MPI team. Radiation therapists are professionals trained in the practical aspects of radiation treatment, imaging and computer-planning. Ms Catherine Beaufort and her team operate under a patient-centred ethos that is reflected in their friendly, empathetic approach to treatment.


The use of radioactive isotopes for the treatment of cancer requires very specialist advice from a team of highly qualified physicists. Such specialists are in very short supply worldwide and the MPI’s brachytherapy program is fortunate to have access to an enthusiastic and supportive group of specialists at the WRBC. Their crucial role is to oversee the radiation dose planning aspects of implantation, as well as the radiation protection issues that occur during, and after, radioactive implants. Mr Trevor Ackerly leads this specialist professional team at The Alfred.

Physics team

Resident and Registrar Medical Staff

Resident medical staff are Alfred doctors who oversee the day-to-day running of the Hospital’s wards and clinics. They see prostate cancer patients for pre-admission checks; arrange required routine tests; oversee admission and discharge medications; and are often the first point of contact for medical problems that occur on the ward.

Registrars are in senior specialist training positions. They oversee the work of the residents, as well as helping specialists with procedures.

Research Staff

The MPI is interested in advancing the medical science behind prostate brachytherapy and employs a number of staff that help to conduct research studies in this field. During treatment, patients may encounter research staff including research fellows, students, or specialist trial data mangers.

Nursing Staff

The MPI’s dedicated nurse, Ms Deborah Stokes, has a specialist qualification in urological malignancies and is one of the main contact points during the process preceding brachytherapy treatment. Deborah is also actively involved in many ongoing research projects at the MPI. She is pivotal in the Institute’s liaison with other Hospital services such as the operating suites and wards.

Data Managers

To continue to improve outcomes for patients, it is essential to collect large amounts of information about men treated under the brachytherapy program. MPI Data Managers Ms Karen Scott tracks, records and analyses factors related to treatment and outcomes in order to help specialists to improve MPI services and provide the best advice to patients.



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