Bookings with MPI can be made by phoning +61 3 9076 2961.

We are able to see men for advice on their prostate cancer with a valid referral from a medical practitioner. Typically there is a very short, if any, waiting time.

We would typically like the following information when we see you:

  • All PSA results over time
  • Details of any previous prostate surgery, including histopathology reports, if any
  • Details of prostate biopsy: number of cores taken, number positive, Gleason grade and score, and presence – if any – of high grade Prostatic intra-epithelial neoplasia, or perineural infiltration.
  • Details of any imaging investigations performed
  • Details and dates of any “hormonal” or complementary medications for prostate cancer
  • The names and contact details for all associated doctors

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