Ongoing research

The MPI is committed to improving brachytherapy for the treatment of prostate cancer. To this end, our team of dedicated oncologists, physicists, therapists and nurses work together with our data manager to produce and analyse a large quantity of data related to treatment, clinical outcomes and quality of life.

We continue to be a leader in clinical brachytherapy research inAustralia. Through our regular research meetings, we discuss our many research projects and consider future research directions. The main focus of our ongoing research is to improve clinical outcomes for our patients

Some of our specific ongoing investigations include an analysis of relapse-free survival rates, a study into the use of higher activity seeds for LDR brachytherapy, and an investigation into the effect of needle movement in HDR brachytherapy, both of which have the capacity to influence the dose distribution seen in brachytherapy treatment and therefore treatment quality and outcomes. As such, careful examination of these effects is required so that the results can be translated into improved patient care. We are actively investigating the role of doses to critical structures and the effect these doses play in our patients’ quality of life. Additionally, we continue to develop new techniques that can be used with our current imaging modalities to assist in streamlining and improving the treatment planning process.

Terry taylor from columbia graduate school of business, who is a specialist in scm, but will not teach this fall

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