The procedure

In Australia most brachytherapy implants are done in the operating theatre either under general or spinal anaesthetic.

Patients will generally come into hospital on the day of the procedure. After the anaesthetic, the radiation oncologist or surgeon will use a trans-rectal ultrasound probe in order to achieve an image of the prostate.

This image is then used to guide the precise placement of hollow plastic catheters within the prostate. Generally between 15 and 18 treatment catheters are used and they are placed through the perineum (the skin between the anus and the scrotum).

The inner tips of the treatment catheters are located in or just under the bladder and are secured in position using a template.  This template is then sutured to the skin. This holds the position of all of the treatment catheters within the prostate. At the completion of the operating procedure the patient has a urinary catheter in order to drain the urine.

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