Prior to the commencement of external beam radiotherapy gold markers are inserted into the prostate and a planning CT scan of the pelvis is done.  This CT scan accurately defines the area we want to target and the setup is recorded with skin marks, including three tiny tattoos.  Detailed planning procedures are required to ensure the correct area is treated and as little normal, healthy tissue is treated as possible.

The treatment area is shaped, so the edges of the beam in each direction “conform” to the shape of the prostate, a treatment plan is calculated by a radiation therapist and approved by the Radiation Oncologist.

One of the most important parts of planning and administering external beam radiotherapy is the need for consistent and accurate positioning and targeting.  It is for this reason the gold markers are used each day prior to treatment, to ensure the prostate is in the correct position for treatment (please see Information document “Our aim is true! Prostate gold markers”).  This enables the prostate to be treated precisely, with a minimal margin, over the course of the treatment.

In addition to these gold markers, you can help us by doing things that will keep your prostate in a consistent position.  It is recognised the prostate moves slightly in your body depending on how full your bladder and bowel are.  It is for this reason we ask patients to follow the “Special instructions a week before the planning CT scan” which can be found in Information documents.

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