Development of MPI

The Melbourne Prostate Institute (MPI) was developed in 1998 by William Buckland Radiotherapy Centre (WBRC) radiation oncologists and visiting private urologists at The Alfred to provide a prostate brachytherapy program in Melbourne.

The team was the first in Victoria, and the third group in Australia, to commence a prostate brachytherapy seed program. The MPI now conducts one of the busiest brachytherapy programs in Australia, and has performed as many seed implants and high-dose rate needle implants as any other recognised program nationally.

The MPI team prides itself on a planned, methodical and safe approach to implantation that has been evident from the outset. During initial planning for the program, a team of urological surgeons, radiation oncologists, radiation therapists and physicists underwent training in Seattle, US, which is regarded as the “home” of modern prostate brachytherapy. The first implants in Melbourne were performed with the assistance of Dr John Sylvester – one of the world’s first prostate brachytherapists – who was flown from Seattle to mentor the MPI team.

The expertise of MPI staff has been recognised by prostate cancer treatment groups throughout Australia who have called on the team to provide technical and practical assistance for seed brachytherapy start-up programs in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne.

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